International Conference on New Advances in Materials Research for Solar Fuels Production

Our contract

When you register to SolarFuel13 conference, we will send you an e-mail confirming receipt of your registration containing the details of your registration. Your registration represents an offer to us to purchase a product which is accepted by us when we send e-mail confirmation to you that we have accepted your registration (the "Registration Confirmation E-mail"). That acceptance will be complete at the time we send the Registration Confirmation E-mail to you. Any items which were within your original offer (registration) which we have not confirmed in a Registration Confirmation E-mail do not form part of that contract.

Cancellation policy

Written cancellations will be refunded according to the receipt of the cancellation claim in the following dates.

From To
2013-03-31 100% refund less 50 euro
2013-04-01 2013-04-30 50% refund less 50 euro
2013-05-01 No refund

Travel / Entry Requirements

You are required to secure your own travel arrangements and any necessary entry visa requirements. This is not the responsibility of SolarFuel13 conference or any individuals associated with this conference.

Visa request will be sent only to those participants who have already payed the registration fee.