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Format of the presentations

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The meeting will consist of two types of presentations.

Senior Researchers will provide informative presentations where they present a technology or technique of specific measure. Please, do not provide only your latest research results as a specialized conference.

Young Researchers will make a brief presentation of the main findings of research that later will be subject to collective discussion.

The proposed presentation will be made by sending abstract online, and then will be selected by the organizing committee to try to reach a varied and balanced program.

  • Senior Talk
  • 15 min of presentation + 5 min for discussion. Please, respect the presentation time of 15 min to keep the program on schedule.
  • Abstract and presentation language: English
  • Student Talk
  • 5 min of presentation
  • Powerpoint presentation structure:
  • 1 slide with name, institution, coauthors, introduction.
  • 3 slides with content.
  • Total 4 pages ppt.
  • Abstract and presentation language: English

In the discussions, it will favor the active intervention of research students by asking questions.